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3.2. Reuse model

The reuse model outlined by the CAD is described in detail below. Each point of the following flow is specified in a later section of this document.

Development phase

  1. Administration ‘A’, by carrying out the comparative assessment provided for by Article 68, according to that described in the acquisition section, decides that, to meet its requirements, it must resort to the full implementation of from-scratch software or customise existing open source software.
  2. Administration ‘A’ uses its own resources and/or makes use of procurement to develop the software. In the case of procurement, as required by Article 69(2), the administration guarantees the acquisition of ownership of all intellectual and industrial property rights over the commissioned software(1.5 Ownership).
  3. During the course of the software development and/or at its conclusion, the administration publishes the source code of its software under an open licence, on a platform that meets the requirements identified in these guidelines (3.4.1 Identifying a code hosting tool), then registers its release within Developers Italia (3.7 Developing software from scratch).

Reuse phase

  1. Administration ‘B’, which needs such software, during the comparative assessment phase, finds the software made available for reuse by administration ‘A’, within Developers Italia (2.5.1 Phase 2.1: Identifying reusable solutions for the PA).
  2. The open licence allows administration ‘B’ to acquire and use the software of administration ‘A’ without having to sign a convention, subject to the terms of the licence.
  3. Administration ‘B’ carries out an assessment of the status of the software and its applicability to its own needs (2.5.2 Phase 2.2: Assessment of reusable solutions for the PA), including the possible need for customisation.
  4. If the software is customised, where possible, such customisation (as developed on the specific instructions of administration ‘B’) is also subject to the provisions of Article 69(1), and therefore the relevant source code must be released under an open licence ( 3.9 Reuse of software or use of open source software).

The reuse model through open source software allows for software to be found, assessed and customised without entering into a convention with the administration that made the software available for reuse, as well the acceptance of the open source licence that is carried out through a simple download. Furthermore, the software is available online and therefore no access request is required.

However, it is important to consider that the software may not be ‘ready to use’. The administration may therefore require technical intervention to install the software, adapt it to its requirements, train staff who will use it, and ensure that support and maintenance services are available. For all these interventions, the administration may use its own resources or supplies, since no obligation from this point of view is imposed on the administration that created the software and made it available for reuse.