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If you want to contribute with feedback and changes to the Three Year Plan for ICT in the Public Administration, visit the Github repository.

We remind you that only the Italian version approved every year by the Italian Government has legal value.

Appendix A - Acronyms

ABR Administrative Burden Reduction
ACI Automobile Club of Italy
AGCOM Authority for Communications Guarantees
AGEA Agricultural Payments Agency
AGENAS National Agency for Regional Health Services
AgID The Agency for Digital Italy
AIFA Italian Medicines Agency
AIG General inter-operability architecture
ANA National Assistance Register
ANCI National Association of Italian Municipalities
ANNCSU National Archive of Street Numbers of Urban Roads
ANPA National Environmental Protection Agency
ANPR National Resident Population Register
ANSF National Railway Safety Agency
API Application Programming Interface
APP Application Abbreviation, both mobile and otherwise
BDT-PA Big Data Team of the PA
BUL Ultra-wideband
C-API APIs approved by Italia Login
C2G/G2C Citizen-to-Government/Government-to-Citizen
CAD Digital Administration Code
CAF Taxation help centre
EC European Commission
CED Data processing center
CEF Connecting Europe Facility
CERT Computer Emergency Response Team
CIE Electronic identity card
CIP Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme
CNIPA National Centre for IT in Public Administration
COBIT Control Objectives for Information and Related Technology
Consip Public Information Services Concessionaire
COVIP Pension Fund Supervisory Board
CSKB Cyber Security Knowledge Base
CSM Superior Council of the Judiciary
CSP Cloud Service Provider
DAE Digital Agenda Europe, European Digital Agenda
DAF Data & Analytics Framework
DESI Digital Economy and Society Index
EGDI E-Government Development Index
eIDAS Electronic Identification Authentication & Signature
EIF European Interoperability Framework
EIN National Hybrid Meta-Ecosystem
ENIT Italian National Tourism Agency
ETP Tourism Promotion Bodies
EU European Union
FESR European Regional Development Fund
FNCS National Cyber Security Framework
FSE The Electronic Health Record
G2G Government-to-Government
ICT Information and Communications Technology
INAIL Italian National Workplace Safety Body
INI-PEC Certified national e-mail address list of professionals and businesses
INPS National Social Welfare Institution
IoT Internet of Things
IPA Public Administration Index
IPZS Polygraphic institute and state mint
ISEE Equivalent economic situation indicator
ISS National Institute of Health
ISTAT National Statistics Institute
IT Information Technology
JSON JavaScript Object Notation
KPI Key Performance Indicator
LOD Linked Open Data
M2M Machine-to-Machine
MAE Minister for External Affairs and International Cooperation
MEF Ministry of Economy and Finance
MEPA PA Electronics Market
MEV Software evolutionary maintenance
MiPAAF Agriculture, food and forests ministry
MISE Ministry of Economic Development
MIT Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport
MIUR Ministry of Education, University and Research
MMS Minimum Security Measures
MSE Strategic evolutionary model
MVP Minimum Viable Product
NVD National Vulnerability Database
OD Open data
OT Thematic objective
PA Public administration
PaaS Platform-as-a-Service
CPA Central Public Administration
LPA Local Public Administration
PCP Pre-Commercial Procurement
PEC Certified e-mail
PEPPOL Pan-European Public Procurement OnLine
PM Project management
PON National Operational Programme
POR Regional Operational Programme
PPI Public Procurement of Innovative Solution
RDF Resource Description Framework
RDO Quote request
REST Representational State Transfer
RNDT National Repertoire of Territorial Data
RTT Round Trip Time
SCIPAFI Public fraud prevention system in the consumer credit sector - Identity Theft
SDI Interchange system
SDK Software Development Kit
SGSI Information Security Management System
SICOGE System for integrated management of economic and financial accounting
SIOPE Information system on the operations of public bodies
SLA Service Level Agreement
SOA Service-Oriented Architecture
SOGEI General IT Company
SPC Public connectivity system
SPID Public System for Digital Identity
TAR Regional Administrative Courts
TLC Telecommunications
UI User Interface
UX User Experience
VoIP Voice Over Internet Protocol
WISP Wireless Internet Service Provider
XML eXtensible Markup Language