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Data & Analytics Framework Architecture

[TBD] The DAF Big Data platform is an environment offering capabilities for:

  • storing and managing datasets: users can register and load datasets on the platform, specifying the ingestion model (e.g batch, streaming), the serialization formats (e.g. Avro, Parquet), the desired serving layers (e.g. HBase, Impala), metadata, etc;
  • processing and analysing datasets: the platform supports several Hadoop-based technologies. Users can not directly use these technologies, since they are mediated by user-friendly applications provided by the Dataportal (e.g. Superset, Jupyter);
  • managing of access rights for each dataset: the adopted security approach allows the platform administrators to set the proper access rights for each dataset.

The DAF Big Data platform also enables redistributing datasets, developing data applications, publishing insights by means of the above mentioned tools provided by the Dataportal: by these tools, data scientists and analysts can perform analysis on data, run statistical and machine learning models, and produce data visualizations and reports.

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