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Open Data in SaaS

The DAF manages the national open data catalog via its dataportal, by centrally integrating all metadata information of the open dataset provided by the Public Administration, and rearrange them using the DCATAP_IT profile. Furthermore, it also offers a Open Data as a Service tool: Public Administrations may choose to manage their open data using DAF functionalities and not having to take care of yet another open data catalog by themselves. They will have an always updated platform, and can provide to their users all current and new functionalities developed centrally for the dataportal.

The advantages of using DAF to manage Open Data can be summarized as follows:

  • Open data managed directly via DAF will be DCATAP_IT compliant by design, and will follow its evolution once and for every PAs.
  • Open Data that can be derived directly from PAs datasets managed into DAF will be automatically created and updated as new information is ingested.
  • The usage of semantic tagging will allow for the creation of RDF and linked open data, exposed also via SPARQL endpoints.
  • Open Data Website as a Service: the PAs can choose to use use DAF to manage their open data website with a simple console that will allow them to customize the look and feel, and have a new website on the fly.