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1.6. Software compliance with regulations

Reusing software amplifies any selection made within the information technology field and is completely neutral with respect to the quality or lack thereof of selections made. It can multiply the impact of good practice or, in the same way, negatively enhance the impact of erroneous choices whose dissemination is undesirable.

In promoting the reuse and dissemination of software over which the intellectual property rights of an administration are emphasised, along with the important economic and efficiency advantage, it is crucial to draw the attention of individual administrations to the importance of the software being reused - as with the entire software range used by each administration - complying with the regulations in force.

Since the process of acquiring software for reuse often includes customisations and aggregations of different components, some of which may no longer be in use or were released years earlier, it is important to remember that the verification of full compliance with the regulatory framework remains the responsibility of the administration that reuses the software, since it alone is responsible for decisions taken within the assigned margins of discretion and in accordance with the constitutional principles of good performance.