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1.4. Subjects of the guidelines

These guidelines are addressed to public administrations referred to in Article 1(2) of Legislative Decree No 165 of 30 March 2001, in compliance with the division of competence referred to in Article 117 of the Constitution, including the port system authorities, as well as the independent administrative authorities of assurance, control and regulation, i.e. ‘institutes and schools of any class and grade, and educational institutions, autonomous state companies and administrations, the regions, provinces, municipalities and mountain communities and their consortia and associations, university institutions, autonomous social housing institutes, chambers of commerce, industry, crafts and agriculture and their associations, all non-profit national, regional and local public bodies, administrations, companies and bodies of the national health service, ARAN (l’Agenzia per la rappresentanza negoziale delle pubbliche amministrazioni - Contractual Representation Agency for Public Administrations) and the agencies cited in Legislative Decree No 300 of 30 July 1999 and CONI (Comitato Olimpico Nazionale Italiano - Italian National Olympic Committee) (for the latter administration, up until the organic review of the regulations for the sector)’.

The provisions for the reuse of solutions shall not apply where there are ‘justified reasons concerning public order and safety, national security and defence, and electoral consultations’.

With reference to the scope of application of these guidelines, it is hoped that public administrations will use the cooperation and collaboration tools provided by current legislation, such as collaboration agreements provided for by Article 15 of Law No 241/1990, in order to implement co-design initiatives, broadening the sharing of knowledge, decision-making processes and common paths, through, for example, centres of expertise and support throughout the life cycle of the software.